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Tong Loader

PLC 200 NC

Tong loader

PLC 200 NC Tong Loader

The PLC Tong Loader – with over 400 units currently in operation in North America, Europe and Oceania – is efficient and highly precise in loading lumber onto lug chains, a crucial stage in our optimized world of modern plants. It delivers outstanding performance in sawing, planing, jointing or remanufacturin, for species as easy to mark as White Pine and Cedar, or as heavy as Southern Yellow Pine.


As an addition to PLC’s optimized trimming line, the PLC 200 Tong Loader is a major asset contributing to smooth systems operation. Able to handle a great variety of boards ranging from 4′ to 28′ long, the PLC 200 sawmill lug loader insures 95% lug fill efficiency at 150 lugs per minute. Thanks to computerized management of board accumulation, this output level is possible with a minimum of operators.


  • Top-performance at high and low speed;
  • Can handle pièces from 1/2″ to 6″ thick and from 1″ to 16″ wide;
  • Models for boards of small dimensions (laths, jointing, parquetry);
  • Ultra-strong models for high-density boards (SYP).