PLC inc.



Our team of engineers and technicians have many years of experience in forestry and mining. From design to start-up through site supervision and technical support, our experts are there to help you to improve your processes and your products.


We offer:


Project Management:

  • From design to start-up;
  • On site supervision and technical support;
  • Planning, cost monitoring and team management.


Processes and products improvement:

  • Analysis of current process and improvement of critical points;
  • Functional analysis of products and improvement of working methods.


Products development:

  • Engineering criteria research;
  • 3D Design and elements analysis;
  • Production and maintenance based prototypes design;
  • Workshop tests.


Technical drawings:

  • General assembly drawings (lay-out);
  • 3D design;
  • Manufacturing drawings;
  • User guides.



Mining industry achievements:

  • Mine shaft winch replacements;
  • Design and fabrication of loading stations;
  • Preparation of the head frame and winches to lay new carriers;
  • Design and improvement of chute systems;
  • Homemade concepts for exploration and construction.


Wood transformation industry achievements:

  • Complete design for the modernization of primary and secondary transformation sawmills;
  • Design of bulk slashing systems;
  • Design of stacking system;
  • Complete plans for fingers jointed plants;
  • Design and improvement of optimized handling systems for the primary and secondary transformation sawmills.