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P.L.C. inc. is a manufacturing and services company that has built a solid reputation thanks to the simplicity of the solutions it offers. Our ultimate goal: provide tested and reliable high quality equipment

To advise you in your choice of equipment, our experienced team includes experts in processing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. P.L.C. inc. is always aware of the market to be able to respond accurately to the latest requirements.

Field of expertise

World-renowned for the quality and ease of maintenance of its equipment, PLC inc. is a major player in the mining industry with several contracts in North America and Central America. Our engineering department is available to increase the performance of your investment.

For P.L.C. inc., diversification is a reality, not an option!



P.L.C. inc. was founded in 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Lise Charbonneau (therefore the name PLC). Initially, the company specialized in the maintenance of sawmills. In 1994, Mr. Germain Fournier, skilled millwright, who already had many years of experience in the field, joined the owners as General Manager. In 1995, Mr. Fournier became the sole owner of PLC inc. and devoted time and efforts to make the company a leader in the saw milling industry. Aware of several issues that sawmills faced, he began to build robust, secure and easy maintenance equipment that improve productivity. “The first Tong Loader was born!” Since then, innovative ideas have continued to emerge from PLC inc. The seven patents of the company are only a sampling of everything that comes out annually of the drawing room. In 2000, the company relocates in the former workshops of the Canadian National of Senneterre totaling more than 50,000 square feet. The rapid growth and many exports worldwide justify this investment. The crash of the forest industry in 2003 motivated Mr. Fournier to grow its business even further!

P.L.C. inc. is now a supplier of choice for both the forestry and mining industry.

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